Photo of a kid holding her book about different hairstyles

Kyra and her sister, Kali, worked together to create a book that shows off different hairsyles. (doodles); Courtesy of family (all other images)

Beauty Boss

Courtesy of family

Kyra (left) and Kali

Kyra Milan Brown poses for the camera, playfully showing off her curly locks. In one video, her hair is styled in braids. In another, it flows freely.

Kyra is only 11, but she’s already the proud owner of a hair care business called Koily Kurls. With their mom’s help, Kyra and her 8-year-old sister, Kali, run the online shop from their home in Montreal, Canada. They sell headbands, clips, combs, bonnets, and more. 

Kyra also posts hair care tutorials, or step-by-step guides, on social media for her more than 110,000 followers. One of her main goals is to help kids love their hair, no matter its length, color, or texture.

“Everybody’s hair is beautiful,” Kyra says.

Growing a Business

Creating hair care videos started as a hobby for Kyra and Kali. In 2020, their mom, Shenika Paris, agreed to help turn their YouTube channel into a business. They decided to create products that help young Black girls love the natural texture of their curls.

The sisters needed a name for their company. “Koily Kurls” seemed like the perfect choice. Next, they set up a website where they could sell their products. Then, in 2022, the sisters won $10,000 in a contest for small businesses. They used the money to expand their shop, adding even more items. Soon, orders were coming in from as far away as Italy and the United Kingdom.

Today, Kyra spends about an hour on her business each weekday, plus more on weekends. She and Kali pack and ship each order and work together to create new videos. Their next goal is to add a Koily Kurls line of shampoos, conditioners, and hair creams.

Kyra wants to inspire other kids to become entrepreneurs.

“You’re never too young to do anything,” Kyra says. “If you set your mind to it, then you can achieve it.”

Most of all, she wants all kids to feel great about themselves.

“You are perfect the way you are, and so is your hair,” Kyra says.

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