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Should Kids Follow a Dress Code at Home?

Public schools in Springfield, Illinois, don’t allow students to wear pajamas in the classroom. Now that rule also applies to students’ living rooms and kitchens! The Springfield school district is asking kids to follow its dress code while on video calls from home. And many private schools are requiring kids to wear their uniforms while learning remotely.

School officials in Springfield say their goal is to create a classroom environment for remote learners. Supporters of the dress code point out that it might help kids focus on the lessons, not on what their classmates are wearing.

But some parents think it’s unfair to tell kids what to wear in their own homes. They say remote learning is stressful enough without having to worry about dress codes. Plus, they say, as long as kids keep up with their schoolwork, what does it matter if they’re in pajamas? 

Here’s what two of our readers think.

It’s important for kids who are learning remotely to feel like they are in an actual classroom. Following a dress code as you would if you were in school can help with that. 

Plus, keeping the normal morning routine of getting dressed for school helps students focus. Otherwise, some might just roll out of bed and head to their laptops while still drowsy. 

Dress codes also prevent kids from wearing shirts with offensive graphics that can distract or upset their classmates.

My classmates’ clothing isn’t a distraction to me. When I’m learning from home, I mostly look at my teacher’s video feed, not at what my friends are wearing.

Also, I find it easier to focus when I’m wearing comfortable clothes. As long as your outfit doesn’t offend anyone, you should be allowed to wear what you want. 

Finally, letting students stay in their pajamas could help parents because they wouldn’t have to do laundry as often. 

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